Outreach Projects

The Missions and Outreach Board is a busy, active and creative group that looks for and assists with projects of need.

Our approach is three fold:

  1. International

Examples: Heifer Project, Migrant mission across our border into Mexico

  1. National

Examples: Major disasters across the country, usually through the UCC disaster

fund I.e. fires, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes etc.

  1. State/ local

Examples: fires, Community through Hope(Organization to help the homeless),

Salvation Army, our church pre school, Christmas Tower party(those of low

Income housing next door to the church.

We have events to raise money for Mission such as Holiday Market ( indoor rummage sale), also collection baskets for different groups and their needs I.e. clothes, personal

hygiene packets, etc.

We have a designated Giving Room where we collect items for groups throughout

the year. We are able to sort and bag items needed by groups.

We are open and encourage the members to participate in any of the groups we support and or suggest other groups of need. Although we are a few members, with the congregation’s help we have made a large impact at all levels.

Any questions, please contact the church.

We are a “5 for 5” UCC church, meaning we promote donations to OCWM< OGHS< Strengthen the Church, Neighbors in Need  and the Christmas Fund.