Adult Bible Studies



I think it’s time we talk about “Love” now don’t you? Isn’t that what we need more of considering everything going on in the world? I know I do. Therefore, for a few weeks I would like to read the love letters of John with you to talk about God’s love for us and our love for each other. We will start January 2nd and then every Saturday for the next 3 weeks will be reading and studying John’s beautiful letter. If you would like to sign up please email me at

Warm regards,

Jamall A. Calloway, Ph.D.


***Temporarily cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions.***

At Community Congregational Church we currently offer three Adult Bible study classes. These classes are open to everyone.

We believe that God has given us our minds with which to think and reason. We understand that scripture is inspired by God and written by men. We aim to understand it by listening to one another as we listen to God’s Spirit speak to our hearts and minds. Any adult is invited to participate in our weekly Bible studies. We see ourselves as fellow companions on a journey of learning and sharing together. We are not Bible experts but desire to grow in understanding and in spiritual growth and maturity. Our facilitators are Rev. Victoria, Pastor Liz and lay leader, Donna Purificacion (for study in Tagalog.)

They are offered at the following days and times:

 Bible Study with Pastor Liz occurs on Tuesday nights at 6:30 p.m. in the Conference Room. Currently, we are reading and discussing the book, Power Surge: Six Marks of Discipleship by Michael Foss. Please call the church office if you would like to join the class or learn more about it before joining.

On Thursday Mornings at 9:30 AM, the class meets in the Conference Room (located inside the church office). The class is led by our Associate for Senior Ministry, Rev. Victoria Freiheit. The class is currently using the Bible study Aid John’s Message: Good News for the New Millennium. This study aid helps adults gain deeper insights into the Book of John. This short-term gospel study will helps participants understand more about John’s world, how this gospel informs and connects with contemporary life, and how it challenges the future of the Christian life.

Bible study with Donna in Tagalog: TBA