2018-7-29 “Abundance All Around”

“Abundance All Around”

A meditation based on John 6:1-13; Isaiah 6:8

July 29, 2018

Community Congregational Church of Chula Vista

Dr. Sharon R. Graff

With joyful help from

Dr. Norma and Rev. John DeSaegher

* * * * *

                   Same day.  Same crowd gathered to hear Jesus teach.  Same hungers we’ve heard before.  Today, we’ve heard another version of the same story with the same ending: with Jesus, there is always enough.  With Holy Spirit, there is plenty.  With God, you get leftovers…12 full baskets in fact…left over from the crowded feast on that long ago mountainside. 

                   What does that mean to you, Community Congregational Church?  What does having enough mean to you, in this season in which you search and pray for a new permanent pastor?  Well, thanks to Dr. Norma and Chaplain John DeSaegher, you’re about to find out: what it means to have enough…what it means to be cared for…what it means to have your needs met.  And warning: you’re probably going to laugh along the way!!! 

                   Welcome to the Gospel of Holy Humor, a skit specially adapted by John; the skit is called, “Finding the Right Pastor is Never Easy!”

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FAITH 101.  She—or he—will be a real blessing to you!  How do I know this?  Not because I have any inside track…  Rather, I know it—and you know it, too—because God is in this search.  Because Holy Spirit has always had your backs.  Because, with Jesus cooking up this search for your new pastor, there will be MORE than enough!

Amen and Blessed Be!